Demo Sites for Blogdown-ified Hugo Themes

blogdown, Yihui Xie’s new Hugo-based R-package for blogging, has begun to take off.

You can create a new site using any Hugo theme, but sometimes you must customize the theme a bit in order to enable certain expected features—such as MathJax—that are expected by bloggers who deal in statistics. If you are new to static-site generators then you might prefer to have someone else handle the tweaks for you so you can get to blogging right away. The study of the Hugo documentation can be deferred for a bit.

Yihui’s tweak of the Lithium theme works great out of the box:

blogdown::new_site(theme = "yihui/hugo-lithium-theme")

You could also try my tweak of the sparse-but-wild Sublime theme:

blogdown::new_site(theme = "homerhanumat/sublimer-hugo")

The demo site for my Sublime tweak is here .

I have also tweaked the beautiful and minimal theme Slim:

blogdown::new_site(theme = "homerhanumat/hugo-theme-slim")

The demo site is here.

Happy blogging!